About Us

Vision 愿景

People Oriented 以人为本
Create a benevolent platform for individuals to realize their value

Mission 使命

Cultivate more talents and assist them to achieve quality life through education.
透过教育 培育人才 达到优质生活

Talent is the coach in one's life, providing value to others, passing on wisdom and knowledge, possessing both virtue and ability.

Education includes 教育包括:
• Technical 技术 (hard 硬技能)
• Heartset 人文思维 (soft 软技能)

High-quality life 优质生活
• Happiness (peaceful sleep, joyful eating, laughter, and health)
幸福 (安心睡,快乐吃,欢乐笑,健康做)

• Improving the quality of life (clothing, food, housing, and transportation)
提高生活素质 (衣食住行)

• The right to choose (to eat, drink, play, and enjoy).
有选择的权利 (吃喝玩乐)

BKG Core Value (T.A.P.E.H)

Togetherness = Team Work
一起用心工作,幸福生活 = 团队精神

Accountability = Responsibility & Commitment
承担 = 责任 & 承诺

Professionalism = Learn & Grow
专业 = 学习 & 成长

Embrace Change

Humanity = Gratitude | Respect | Passion
人文 = 感恩 | 尊重 | 热诚